Therapeutic Groups

School Based offers a variety of groups that focus on commonly experienced life challenges.  By coming together in a group setting, students will be able to give and receive support from one another while learning to overcome the challenges before them.  A description of these groups can be found below.

Anger Management

The anger management group is a curriculum-based group.  Students will be able to identify their triggers and make better decisions in response to such.  They will learn the skills to more effectively manage their anger and develop an anger control plan.  Students will have the opportunity to share their experience including negative outcomes stemming from anger as well as their efforts to change in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


Club Med

Club Med is a group based on mindfulness practices which have been proven to offer significant emotional and physical health benefits. Since students are bombarded with stressors (e.g. tests, sports, homework, employment, etc.), this group have been developed to assist those who could benefit from a reduction in their daily stress response. Club Med will teach participants how to stay in the present moment and quit the mind.  Sessions will consist of a discussion about mindfulness and its application in daily life as well as practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation.

 Family Life

The family life group is open to students who are struggling with family issues. This group can address a wide range of relationships challenges in a family in addition to changes in family composition.  Students are provided with a safe space where they can relate to one another by openly discussing their concerns or struggles.  This group can also help students identify positive supports and resources in their lives.

Seeking Serenity

The Seeking Serenity group is open to students who have been impacted by a close friend or family member’s drug or alcohol use as well as other addictions.  This group will provide mutual support for those affected by someone else’s drinking, drug use or addition.  In this group, members will have the opportunity to share their stories and learn how to use the tools of recovery to help them deal with these situations.  Seeking Serenity is not a program for young people seeking sobriety.

Loss and Found

This group is for students who have experienced a significant loss in the recent or distant past which is having a negative impact on them in the present. Examples of loss in the recent or distant past which is having a negative impact on them in the present. Examples of loss could include the death of a family member or a friend (perhaps even a beloved pet), loss of a parental or equally important relationship, or anticipatory grief connected to a terminally ill family member or friend.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about the stages of grief as well as common reactions to loss and coping skills.

TGIF (Thank Goodness I’m Female)

TGIF is a female empowerment group.  Throughout this group, students may discuss societal or familial messages and expectations in regards to being a women and their experiences with such.  Some other topics may include female health and development, gender roles, relationships issues, and their goals for personal growth as a woman.

How can you join a School Based group?

  1. You can stop by the trailers during study hall, lunch or after school and speak with one of the counselors or the director.
  2. You can ask your guidance counselor or any staff member to make a referral on your behalf for a specific group.
  3. Your parents may initiate the referral for you by calling Program Director Jeffery Greenfield at (908) 689-3350 ext. 3618